So, the cows are on holiday, because even cows need a break now and then, ya know? 

We realize that inspiration may strike during those long summer months, however, so we've opened up ye olde Submittable, in case you get a burning desire to submit your heat-induced flash. Please note that this option is *only* for flash fiction. We are not accepting poetry at this time. 

To get to the meat of the matter, we are seeking udderly fantastic flash, up to 1500 words total for all pieces submitted at one time. Don't go over our limits or Cud the Cow will kick you! Please refrain from using funky fonts in your attachment. Cows prefer Time New Roman. A cover letter is nice, but not required. Should your work be accepted for publication, we will ask for a third-person bio at that time. 

**Make sure to check our Submissions page, so you know about the weirdly strange flash we're looking for and what to expect as far as reponse times (because this option is not expedited)! We look forward to reading your work!**

Cease, Cows